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Lord Buddha Tabletop Waterfall Fountain - Golden Brown
Regular priceRs. 4,299.00Rs. 1,549.00
Water Fountain with LED Lights (Buddha)
Regular priceRs. 4,299.00Rs. 1,549.00


Lord Ganesha Ji with Mushak
Regular priceRs. 1,799.00Rs. 599.00
Buddha in Meditation Statue Showpiece (Blue)
Regular priceRs. 1,999.00Rs. 849.00


Decorative Buddha Tabletop Waterfall Fountain
Regular priceRs. 4,299.00Rs. 1,549.00
Buddha with LED Light 3-Tier Water Fountain
Regular priceRs. 4,299.00Rs. 1,549.00


Lord Ganesha Ji with Mushak
Regular priceRs. 1,799.00Rs. 599.00
Marble Dust Lord Ganesha Statue Decorative Showpiece
Regular priceRs. 2,799.00Rs. 749.00
Vastu Lord Ganesha Idol, Lambodar, Vinayaka Statue
Regular priceRs. 2,799.00Rs. 849.00

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Water Fountain with LED Lights (Buddha)
Regular priceRs. 4,299.00Rs. 1,549.00
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    Vivars Home - Explore Home Decor Items Available Online

    Home Decoration Items Online from Vivars Home
    A beautiful touch of elegance for your space. Giving an artistic look to your home with effortless elegance, home decor products like sculptures and artifacts put the perfect finishing touches on your interior decor. Accentuate the ambience of your living space by creating gorgeous focal points with these exceptional home decor designs.
    At Vivars Home , you can find the perfect home décor items to decorate your home.

    Below are our home decor categories that will transform your home -
    1- Water Fountains:
    Vivars Home’s water fountains are beautiful and bring a touch of serenity and spritual aura to your home. According to Vastu and Feng Sui, flowing water is believed to resemble happiness and money. Having a fountain is considered auspicious.They become a focal point of your living space, hence adding to the aesthetics of your home.
    Boost your emotional and physical well-being with these beautiful Fountains which are designed for both visual appeal and relaxation.

    2- God Idols/figurines to Decor your Home
    Beautify your home with divine grace through our exquisite God idols collection.They provide a strong spritual aura to your homes and hold power to highlight and bring attention to any desolate corner of your place. These figurines enrich your space with a sense of tranquillity and devotion.

    Ganesha Idols:
    Keeping a Ganesh statue or picture at home is believed to attract good luck, prosperity and new beginnings. As per Vastu Shastra, the house entrance must be decorated with auspicious symbols to invite positivity into the house. Placing them in homes not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also infuses spaces with positive energy, promoting peace and joy.

    Hanuman Idols:
    Lord Hanuman represents unparalleled energy and strength. Vastu Shastra says that keeping a Hanuman murti/idol at home or the workplace frees you of all obstacles and problems.
    According to Vastu, installing the Hanuman murti facing southward increases joy and prosperity, keeps the residents healthy, and wards off evil forces.

    Laxmi Ganesha Idols:
    Most of us have a Ganesh Laxmi statue in our homes as a protector. Lord Ganesha represents wisdom, intellect, and the removal of obstacles in Hindu mythology. Goddess Laxmi symbolises wealth and prosperity. To eliminate all obstructions and negative energies, our Laxmi Ganesha idols bring divine presence into homes and bring prosperity.

    Radha Krishna Murti/Idols:
    Radha Krishna symbolise eternal love and devotion. They are not just religious deities; they are also symbols of love, affection, friendship, peace, and compassion. Their grace will remove obstacles in your life and give you the inner strength to fight daily challenges with optimism.
    Their presence enhances the aesthetic appeal of spaces and fosters love and togetherness, enveloping homes with an atmosphere of divine romance and spiritual connection.

    Buddha Statue for Home:
    Placing Lord Buddha idols in your home creates a positive and harmonious vibe. According to Vastu, placing the Buddha at different places in your home can impact your mental health and peace. Its serene presence guides individuals towards mindfulness and contentment.

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