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Good luck and prosperity with Lord Buddha

Lord Buddha Brings Good luck and prosperity in our home. Placing Lord Buddha idols in your home creates a positive and harmonious vibe. According to Vastu, placing the Buddha at different places in your home can impact your mental health and peace. Its serene presence guides individuals towards mindfulness and contentment.

1- Don’t place the Buddha statue on the floor even if you have a small interior living room design. This is considered disrespectful, as the floor is regarded as a “low” place. Instead, put the statue on a pedestal or shelf.
2-Don’t put the statue in the bathroom or anywhere else. It might get dirty or wet.
3-The Buddha statue at home is not to be used as a decoration or prop. It should be treated with respect and reverence, not as a trendy accessory.

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Vastu for Buddha Statue at Home

According to Vastu principles, the best room to place a Buddha statue at home is the northeast direction, which is considered the direction of wealth and prosperity.


Avoid placing the Buddha statue at home in the southwest direction, as this is considered the direction of negativity and conflict.

Buddha in Meditation Statue Showpiece (Blue)

  • This is made of Polyresin with Durable & Long Lasting Colours.It is easily cleanable by dry soaked cloth .
  • Dimensions: 11 inch Height x 7 inch Length x 4 inch Width Weight: 400 gm.


Vivars Home


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Lord Buddha

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